Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Lamp That Runs On Phone Jack Electricity

The electricity that comes through the phone lines is, in many ways, wasted except when you are making or receiving calls. Some think of this as a way to lower carbon footprint using "free" power.
Darren Quick at reports:

"If you’re looking to shave every last cent off your next electricity bill then this gooseneck lamp is for you. The lamp is so energy efficient its eight white LED lights are powered by the trickle of electricity flowing from a RJ11 socket – or garden-variety telephone socket. This means that, even if you’ve fallen behind on your electricity bill and the power has been cut off, you can still enjoy some late night reading. If the only RJ11 jack available is already being used by another appliance – say a phone – then you’ll be left in the dark, as the light isn’t able to connect to a regular power point." See full article.

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